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Former Porn Actress Jan Meza interviewed on JMC Live [an excerpt]

Originally posted on Anti-Porn Feminists:
Former Porn Actress Jan Meza interviewed on JMC Live [an excerpt] (starting point, est. 9 minutes, 43 seconds) [To get through porn performing and prostituting]…

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The Annihilation of Caste.

How are we to break up Caste if people are not free to consider whether it accords with morality? -B.R. Ambedkar Ambedkar raises a question that sometimes Hindus do not … Continue reading

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If I Had a Dollar (Why I Am a Feminist)

Originally posted on girl in the hat:
image courtesy Devil Doll Because my mother was a painter and a beauty when artists had patrons and a woman like that needed…

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Feminist Posters for All!

Reading the news is always followed with discontent and anger that usually leads to a rant on a blog or to my friends. After hearing about the recent news on … Continue reading

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Dear White Hipsters: Please Do Not Use My Religion as Your Art

I LOVE Pinterest! I’m an avid “pinner” and it’s my favourite pastime app to go on during my lectures, waiting in the bank line, or when I’m trying to ignore … Continue reading

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Resentment from a Dark Skinned Girl

I do resent light skinned south Asian women although I know I should love them just as much as darker skinned ones. But as a dark skinned Indian woman, I … Continue reading

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So What Are We Going To Do About the Violence In Our Community?

Yet again, we heard in the news that another South Asian woman has been attacked by her husband. Numerous times in the past, the media has highlighted South Asian culture … Continue reading

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Cultural Appropriation of Yoga?

A couple months ago I was back home from school and decided to purchase a yoga Groupon. I walked into class as a newbie to yoga and thought as a … Continue reading

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My Thoughts on UVic’s Research on Prostitution in Canada

Okay, whoa! I am very curious in how these researchers at UVic got to these conclusions on prostitution in Canada! The article states, “Sex workers are average Canadians. They’re Caucasian, … Continue reading

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