Harper Needs to Go!

Prime Minister of Canada , Stephan Harper

Yes, Canadian Prime Minster, Stephan Harper is a racist. His attempt in liberating the brown woman is racist. There is an assumption that brown woman are oppressed by brown men and it’s the white mans burden to liberate her. She does not need your liberation. Wearing a hijab does not mean you’re oppressed, that is a woman’s decision to wear in Canada. Yes there are Muslim woman in countries, even in Canada that are oppressed but the hijab is not the problem, patriarchy is the problem. Before Harper trolls around and tries to save the brown women, he needs to look in his own backyard and stop ignoring the hundreds of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada! As the Prime Minister, Harper refuses to end violence against women in his own country and would rather vilinize brown men and cultures arond the world. Mr. Harper, we don’t need you to save us and quit thinking all brown people are the same. We’re diverse and all have different vibrant cultures that most have been negatively affected by colonialism and patriarchy. Leave us alone, we can solve our problems and next time you tell women how they should dress, think twice and ask yourself would I want someone telling me how I should dress and act? The bottom line is, Harper needs to go! And we the people, yes us, have the power to do so. 


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