In Harmony with Nature: Bina Rao Talks Textiles and More

Storytellers of Wonder

Designer and scholar Bina Rao, of Creative Bee, talks to Jaypore about her organic dye farm, collaborating with her artist-husband Kesav Rao, and starting off in Hyderabad at a time when it sorely lacked facilities for the creative folk… here are snippets from our conversation with her.

Creative Bee’s textiles and apparel are produced by skilled weavers and dyers, who have been trained by Creative Bee in order to improve the quality of dyeing and weaving and also to translate traditional skills into designs, which are contemporized by Bina Rao, a designer and scholar on Indian textiles. The textiles are woven using hand-spun natural fibers such as cotton, linen, mulberry silk, tussar, gicha, noile, etc. that are hand-block printed/dyed at Creative Bee dye-farm, the brain child of Kesav Rao, an expert in natural dyes and an artist by profession. This Dye Farm is 100% organic and doesn’t use electricity at…

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