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The System Doesn’t Protect Women, It Protects Men.

A few months ago, a woman close to me told me about the male violence she faced growing up. Immediately I felt rage and sadness but at the same time … Continue reading

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The Annihilation of Caste.

How are we to break up Caste if people are not free to consider whether it accords with morality? -B.R. Ambedkar Ambedkar raises a question that sometimes Hindus do not … Continue reading

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So What Are We Going To Do About the Violence In Our Community?

Yet again, we heard in the news that another South Asian woman has been attacked by her husband. Numerous times in the past, the media has highlighted South Asian culture … Continue reading

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What’s Up With That?

I’ve volunteered at my local women’s shelter and rape crisis centre for the last 2 years and what I’ve observed as a WOC is that very few WOC volunteer with … Continue reading

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Rape Is a Real Epidemic

I am very disappointed in the Globe and Mail for publishing this article on rape. How could you not say rape is an epidemic? 4 out of 5 people that … Continue reading

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Institutionalized Racism at University?

The other day, my friend (WOC) and I went to see Harsha Walia speak at our university. The speak was educational and I found it highly relatable because not only … Continue reading

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