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The System Doesn’t Protect Women, It Protects Men.

A few months ago, a woman close to me told me about the male violence she faced growing up. Immediately I felt rage and sadness but at the same time … Continue reading

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Dear Well Intentioned White Woman, Yes, You Should ‘Shut Up’ About Beyonce

I read your article the other day, “Beware of the Pop Star as Activist (But Don’t Blame Beyonce).” Despite your article’s title, you do blame Beyonce and focus your article … Continue reading

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Dear White Hipsters: Please Do Not Use My Religion as Your Art

I LOVE Pinterest! I’m an avid “pinner” and it’s my favourite pastime app to go on during my lectures, waiting in the bank line, or when I’m trying to ignore … Continue reading

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What’s Up With That?

I’ve volunteered at my local women’s shelter and rape crisis centre for the last 2 years and what I’ve observed as a WOC is that very few WOC volunteer with … Continue reading

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Institutionalized Racism at University?

The other day, my friend (WOC) and I went to see Harsha Walia speak at our university. The speak was educational and I found it highly relatable because not only … Continue reading

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